Urfi Javed was brutally trolled for wearing a razor blade outfit!


Urfi Javed once again proved that she knows how to take fashion to a different level and she loves to surprise everyone.

Urfi shared a reel on her Instagram, in which she is wearing a top made of razor blades. Javed posed in this dress and posted the reel saying, "I made the perfect dress for introverts. Razor cut! This dress is made with razors!"

Whenever Urfi posts anything, netizens have a field day, and they make fun of her. One user said, "Don't wear it on Eid, no hug will be found." Another user said, "It took me 5 seconds to understand this dress. Blades."


The funniest comment was, "Urfi yaar Amul Milk's empty plastic bhi dress pahano na yaar..." Some people appreciated her outfit. Another netizen said, "You are a fashion icon... you are fabulous.. I love your style and every video."

Urfi Javed's quirky fashion statement impressed Ranveer Singh, and he lauded his confidence in carrying such quirky outfits.