Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed wore a dress made of candy floss, then ate it with gusto, people were furious after watching the video


Actress Urfi Javed has crossed the limit this time. Actually, Urfi Javed is often targeted by people on the media for thinking about his dressing, but this time Urfi has crossed the limit. Urfi has shared a video in which she is seen eating a dress made of candy floss.

Sharing the video, Urfi Javed wrote in the caption, 'No brownie points, because you must be seeing what this dress is made of. I did the makeup myself. The rest of the shoot and hair has been done by someone else.

Urfi Javed has made a bra from pastel pink candy floss color, which has a strap of pastel green color. The skirt is named after pastel green candy floss. Giving a green heels, bun and no jewelery look, Urfi Javed has done her own styling.


Users are also furious after seeing Urfi Javed wearing such a dress. One user wrote, 'Sister, if you had to eat something, you would have gone somewhere else and eaten. What about the dress that was made of candy floss and stood up to eat it. Another user wrote, 'I am thinking that either this is weird who is posting this or I am strange who is seeing this post.'