Tuesday Fitness: From Katrina to Alia, these Bollywood beauties are fitness freaks, know why Pilate became everyone's first choice


At present, Pilates has become the most done exercise in Bollywood. It was started by Joseph Pilate and named it Controlology. Many Bollywood beauties do Pilates to get a fit body. It is helpful in reducing weight and fat. There are many actresses in Bollywood who prefer to do Pilates more than the gym. Everyone wants to know the secret of their fit and today in this sequence we are going to tell you about these actresses, whose fitness secrets are Pilates and what exercises they do.


Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif is one of the fittest actresses. He is very strict about his diet and exercise. Katrina also encourages other celebs for fitness. She does Pilates, functional training and cardio every day. Katrina likes to do mermaid with ball and Swain on ball exercises. His Pilates session lasts for 45 minutes.


Alia Bhatt
There was a time when Alia used to be overweight. Alia started her fitness journey with her debut in 2012. The secret of Alia's fitness is Pilates exercises. She likes to do Pilates daily. Most of all she does rollover exercise, which helps in reducing belly fat.


Deepika Padukone
Everyone talks about Deepika Padukone's height, figure and looks, but do you know how hard she works to be so fit. To keep herself fit, Deepika likes to do Pilates, Yoga and Zumba. Nowadays she does Rollover and Mermaid with Ball Pilates exercises.


Sara Ali Khan
Once the weight of Sara Ali Khan used to be 96 kg, but today she is included in the fit actresses of Bollywood. To stay fit, she resorts to Pilates exercises. At the same time, Sara, who is fond of food, has also stopped taking milk, sugar and carbs. Pilates has become everyone's first choice in Bollywood in a very short time.