Throwback: When Govinda was caught in a hotel room with this actress! Click here to know


In the 1990s, the pair of Rani Mukerji and Govinda had set the Bollywood world on fire and people loved them so much. At the same time, love was seen in real life too, between the two were often seen spending time with each other. Both used to talk a lot on the sets and used to live together. 


According to the reports, the relationship between the two became very deep, due to which they spent the night in the hotel, but a mistake of Govinda informed the media about their stay and the media caught both of them in a state of unconsciousness.

Although this news was not stamped but it is said that as soon as Govinda's wife came to know about this news, she appeared very angry, due to which she left the house and took the children. 


At the same time, there were also reports that in real life, Govinda showed a lot of closeness and he used to give expensive gifts to the queen, but despite this, Govinda and Rani did not commit and after that Govinda convinced his wife.

Let us tell you that at that time there were also reports that Rani Mukherjee was ready to marry Govinda but Govinda's wife and his two children were important in his life and because of this, Rani gradually broke up with Govinda. Then Govinda went to his wife.