Social media: Internet sensation Kylie Paul was attacked by five people with a knife, also beaten with sticks


Kylie Paul, famous on social media, is often in discussions about her videos. Kylie Paul, who made headlines in her videos made on Bollywood songs and dialogues of famous Indian films, is again in the news. However, this time the topic of discussion is not a video of him but an Instagram story of his. Actually, Kylie recently informed through social media that a few days ago she was attacked with a deadly attack.


Giving information about this, Kylie Paul while sharing a story on Instagram wrote, I was attacked by 5 people. During this, while defending myself, I got hurt with a knife in the thumb of my hand. I also got 5 stitches because of the injury. They also beat me with sticks. Later I attacked two of them and they all ran away.

He further wrote, I am injured during this, pray for me. It was also very frightening. Kylie further writes that people try to bring me down. But God always lifts me up. pray for me. However, Kylie Paul's health is improving. He has suffered minor injuries. However, he has recently posted a new video of himself on social media, in which he looks fine as before.


Kylie Paul Instagram Story
Kylie Paul, who has been recognized worldwide with her dancing videos, is a resident of Tanzania. She started making reels on Instagram a long time ago on Bollywood songs and dialogues from Indian films with her sister. Seeing this his reels went viral and he became an internet sensation. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi himself has also praised him after watching his dancing videos.