Shocking: After marriage, Mumtaz had an extra-marital affair, after years, a big disclosure was made to the actress


Mumtaz, a famous actress of the past, was in the headlines for her health in the past. Recently, the actress, who returned home from the hospital, informed her fans that she is battling a special kind of disease. At the same time, now Mumtaz has recently made another surprising disclosure. The actress has recently revealed a secret related to her life, which everyone is shocked to hear. Mumtaz has revealed about her affair in a recent interview.


Recently, in a conversation with a website, the actress talked about her affair, which she had after her husband Mayur Madhvani's affair. The actress told that, 'It is easy for men to have an affair. Didn't belong to my husband, except for one. I respect him because he himself told me about it. Mumtaz said that my husband had liked a girl in the US. He told me that you are my wife. I love you and will continue to do so. I will never leave you The actress further said that 'Today all this is a forgotten story for us. God does it once in life. I have been like a queen. My husband never let me face any problem about anything. Talking about her affair, the actress said, 'After husband's affair, I started feeling lonely. I felt very bad so I came to India. I had an affair here, but it was not serious. It was just a momentary phase, which was over soon.


This is not the first time the actress has spoken about her affair. The actress had earlier also admitted in an interview that after marriage her husband had an affair with someone else. She had also told that after her husband's affair, she also had an affair with someone else. It is worth noting that actress Mumtaz was recently admitted to the hospital after her health deteriorated. During this she was in the hospital for a week.