Poonam Pandey said this to ask for votes in the reality show, everyone was surprised to hear


Kangana Ranaut's show has reached close to the lockup finale, now three are coming out in the show, these are Shivam Sharma, Munavvar Iqbal Farooqui and Prince Narula. Apart from this, Poonam Pandey, who is known as adult content in this show, is also a part of the show. She has recently done such an act to take votes, after which not only the prisoners of the jail but also the people are surprised. 


The reality show Lockup has been in the news for the last few days, after the love and tension between the prisoners in this show, now their revelations have not surprised the people, Poonam Pandey, a contestant of these shows wants to remain in the show somehow. This weekend, she has given a special tweet to avoid getting out of the show.

It is not only difficult to say when Poonam Pandey will do, but it is impossible, nervous about being named in the chargesheet, Kangana said in a recent episode, if she gets the most votes then she will go nude on national television. 


Poonam gave a reaction and said, if you vote for me full, then this time I will take off the T-shirt, maybe even the bra will not be there. 

After this statement of Poonam, now the eyes of the fans are on Poonam, what will the public decide, if Poonam survives in the show, will she fulfill her promise?