Photos: Actress Ananya Pandey was captured by paparazzi's camera with script in hand, see her pics...


Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey was in the news for her film Liger, although the film was a flop now the actress has become busy with her other projects.


Ananya Pandey, wherever she goes, the paparazzi always keeps an eye on her, as soon as the paps see her going, she always captures her in her camera.


Recently, actress Ananya Pandey was spotted by the paparazzi outside Karan Johar's office where her cute look of the actress has once again come in limelight.


Actress Ananya Pandey came out in these pictures with an orange top, denim shorts, and a purse in her hand script, where her look was captured by the paparazzi in her camera.


Actress Ananya Pandey went to Italy for vacation as soon as she got time after the promotion of the film Liger, after which the actress has now returned to her work.