Photos : Pearl embroidery... gold wings add charm to Divita's outfit


In the year 2022, Divita Rai participated on behalf of India in Miss Universe. Divita wore a golden outfit in the National Costume Round.


Divita was looking very beautiful in this outfit, it has been designed by Abhishek Sharma. Through the outfit, Divita presented India as a golden bird.


This outfit of Divita reflects purity and peace, in which gold work was done, and pearl embroidery was also done in it.


The lehenga of this outfit is made from handmade tissue fabric, which was brought from Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. Along with this, the wings attached to the back were adding charm to this outfit.


Divita took her wings and told that in difficult times the whole country has been together like a family. She chose a very unique design for her necklace, which has leaves, flowers, and tree branches, which represent nature.


Divita has created floral designs for Nails Jewellery, which showcases the beauty of the world. She wore a wild butterfly in her outfit designed by Ellora Bruch, designed by Kavya Potluri.


This look of Divita is becoming very viral on social media, people are liking her outfit and design very much.