Mumtaz: Mumtaz is suffering from this disease, the actress herself revealed after being discharged from the hospital


Veteran actress Mumtaz has recently been discharged from Breach Candy Hospital. According to reports, the actress was hospitalized for the past 7 days. According to the information, she was admitted to the hospital after stomach infection. However, now the actress's health is improving and she has been discharged from the hospital. The actress, who returned from the hospital, recently talked about her illness and the attack caused by it. During this, she has also mentioned one of his 25 years old pain.


Mumtaz told that she is suffering from a disease called Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colitis. It is a type of diarrhea attack, which is not cured even by taking medicines. The actress told that due to this disease she had to be admitted to the hospital. The 74-year-old actress told that the actress told that the behavior of the hospital staff towards her was very good. Along with this, she thanked Dr Rajesh Saini, who treated her. During this, remembering her past days, Mumtaz told that those days were very difficult. She said that his skin is very delicate and he was kept on drip for a week. Talking about her problem, he told that the drip could be applied only in my right hand. My left hand could not be used for this, as I had lymph nodes removed after having breast cancer 25 years ago.


Talking to the website, the actress told that it took her a long time to recover in the hospital. Told Mumtaz that, 'My husband Mayur Madhvani is in America. she started coming to India only after getting information about my health, but I refused him. The actress also told that she is going back to London to see her husband on the 11th of this month. She will leave from Mumbai on May 10.