Mika Di Vohti: Daler Mehndi said- I want Mika to have 12 children!


Popular stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma revealed interesting facts about his friendship with Mika Singh while elder brother Daler Mehndi expressed his desire to have 12 kids for Mika on 'Swayamvar - Mika Di Vohti'.


Kapil shared how blessed he feels to have a friend like him.

Kapil Sharma says, 'I bought a flat in the same building where Mika Singh lived so that I could spend more time with him.

Kapil Sharma adds: "The bride to be of Mika Singh will be very lucky because he does a lot for people which he doesn't even know, and probably he can do anything for his soul mate."

Daler Mehndi, on the other hand, shares his desire to have 12 children for Mika.


He said- “We were waiting for a long time for Mika's marriage. Now that the time has finally come, I couldn't be happier. I want him to have at least 12 kids."