Lalit Modi replied to the trollers: They had 40 crores when I joined BCCI; When I left it became 47 thousand crores!


Actor Sushmita Sen's new boyfriend Lalit Modi on Sunday wrote a stinging post against the troll army and a section of the media who questioned their relationship and called him a fugitive. He also talked about his legacy, saying that he has created one of the most spectacular sporting events in the world. Talking about the fugitive tag, Modi said that he is a "diamond spoon". and never bribed or misused public money. He said that no court has ever convicted him. Modi has been living in London for over a decade after being accused of money laundering in India. Modi has been the IPL commissioner and is credited with starting and nurturing India's premier sporting event. Sushmita Sen also reacted to being called a golddigger. Here's what Modi said in his viral Instagram post.


"Why is the media so obsessed with trolling me. I'm apparently being tagged in 4 wrong ways. Can someone explain to me? I guess we're still living in the medieval age that two people can't be friends and then if the chemistry is right and the timing is good, it can be magic." Lalit Modi wrote, 'My advice is, live and let others live. You guys should write the right news and if you don't know then let me expose all the late love affairs of my life. Minal Modi was my best friend for 12 years, during which she also remained married. She was not my mother's friend. These are all rumors.

He said he has never been convicted in any court on the ground. He asked people to show some respect as he was the one who created the Indian Premier League which they love and follow. Lalit further wrote, 'It's time to get out of this petty thinking. Hope you know what it means. I hold my head high above you guys. You call me a 'fugitive' so you tell someone Court has convicted me 'ever guilty'. Everyone knows how difficult it is to do business in 12-15 cities in India. Everyone knows that I did it all alone. Nobody in BCCI did anything. They all came to collect 500 dollars and TADA. Who else do you know?


Lalit said, 'Why do you think you will call me a fugitive and I will care? No, I was born with a diamond spoon. I have never taken any bribe nor have I ever needed it. Perhaps you have forgotten that I am the great-grandson of Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi. I had come with money, not I took public money. I have never asked for favors from the government.

I joined BCCI on 29th November 2005 on my birthday. At that time they had Rs 40 crore in their bank account. When I was banned, they had 47 thousand 680 crore rupees in their account. Has anyone ever helped? No. They didn't even know where to start. Shame on you fake media. Now you see them like a hero, work with a little honesty.