Lady Singham: Shakti Kapoor suddenly went missing in the middle of shooting, Rani Chatterjee's Bhojpuri film releasing on Friday


Bhojpuri cinema queen Rani Chatterjee's films are eagerly awaited by her fans. Rani has carved out the same position in Bhojpuri cinema that Vidya Balan has achieved in Hindi cinema in recent times with frequent plot-based films. Rani Chatterjee's new film is titled 'Lady Singham' and it is going to release on this Friday. Popular Hindi cinema artist Shakti Kapoor is in a very special character in the film. And, as the release of the film nears, the film's unit is again remembering the incident when Shakti Kapoor suddenly went missing in the middle of the shoot. Let us tell you what happened that day on the last day of shooting...


At 11.30 there was a ruckus
An important scene of the film was to be shot on actor Shakti Kapoor at around 11.30 pm on the shooting of the film 'Lady Singham'. All the preparations were done and when Shakti Kapoor was called for the shot, it was found that she was missing from the set. The film was supposed to pack up after that scene as it was already 11 o'clock in the 9 to 9 o'clock shift. Bhojpuri films are shot within a very stipulated time and limited budget, if for some reason the shooting day is extended, then it becomes very difficult for the producer. Due to the absence of Shakti Kapoor, the director as well as the producer started sweating and the entire unit got upset.


The phone rang
The producers and directors would take a decision regarding the shooting of that day. Before that he decided to call Shakti Kapoor. It was a matter of relief that Shakti Kapoor did not take his phone with him. As soon as the bell rang, the phone was seen nearby. Now people have come to understand that they are either busy with someone somewhere else here or have gone away while taking a walk. His search was going on that Shakti Kapoor was seen coming from one side of the location with some items in his hand.


That's why Shakti Kapoor disappeared
People heaved a sigh of relief seeing Shakti Kapoor coming back. When the conversation took place, Shakti Kapoor told that when preparations were being made for the shooting of the scene, he saw something missing in the scene. Actually, a picture was needed in the scene to be shot and it was also an important part of the scene. But nobody's attention was on that side. Shakti Kapoor went to the place where all the shooting material was kept and started looking for the picture. He just returned with the picture. The faces of the people watching the arrangements for shooting on this were watered with shame due to their carelessness.