Kajal Aggarwal celebrated her birthday with this man even before the birthday!


Star actress Kajal Aggarwal's birthday is tomorrow. Born on June 19, 1985, Kajal Aggarwal received a special gift from her husband before her birthday. A glimpse of which actress Kajal Aggarwal has shown on social media.


Husband Gautam has given a special gift to Kajal Aggarwal, who became a mother this year. In the photos shared on social media, Kajal Aggarwal's face is also seen with a sweet smile. A cake is also seen with him. 

Actress Kajal Aggarwal has written with these photos, Pre Birthday Dinner Date. In the photos, she is seen with her friend. Her husband Gautam is not among them. These photos of Kajal Aggarwal are becoming increasingly viral on social media. To which fans are giving their feedback. Kajal Aggarwal has made a special identity in the film world based on her superb acting.