Health Care Tips: Like Sushmita, you should keep yourself fit even at the age of 46!


* Incorporate swimming into the fitness routine:
To control her growing weight, Sushmita has also included swimming in her fitness routine. By swimming, your body's calories are burned rapidly.


* Sushmita takes special care of her diet:
Sushmita takes special care of her diet to keep herself fit. Sushmita Sen starts her day with ginger tea. After this Sushmita Sen includes a glass of vegetable juice and three eggs in her life. Apart from this, she also consumes oatmeal. After taking it, consume some nuts at an interval of 2 hours. Sushmita Sen likes to have lentils, vegetables and chicken, and a bowl of rice in her lunch. Sushmita Sen likes to eat light evening snacks.

* To make the body flexible like Sushmita, do yoga asanas in the fitness routine:
To keep her body fit, Sushmita Sen definitely includes yoga asanas in her daily routine. Sushmita often shares videos on social media while doing ring gymnast. The ring gymnast works to make her muscles strong. You can also include yoga in your fitness routine to keep your body fit and to make the body flexible.


* Sweat in the gym like Sushmita Sen:
Sushmita Sen sweats in the gym for several hours to keep her body fit, during which she does many types of exercises in the gym. Sushmita Sen also includes medicine ball planks in her routine.