Flashback: Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt's film was closed when the director was forced to eat non-vegetarian food


Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt have given many great films to the Bollywood industry. Recently, Ajay Devgan's film 'Runway 34' was released, which got a decent response from the audience. So there Sanjay Dutt appeared in the film 'KGF Chapter 2' as Adheera. Fans eagerly wait for the films of both the actors, but do you know that a film 'Rugged' by Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt has not been made till date. The film was to be directed by Milan Luthria. But due to some reasons the film got shelved. Let us tell you the reason for not making this film today.


Director Milan Luthria was supposed to make the film 'Beehad' with Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt, in which both the actors would be face-to-face. One was to be seen as a police officer and the other as a dacoit in the film. The special thing is that the film was based on a true incident. The film was to be produced by Bablu Pachisia along with Kumar Gaurav and Bunty Walia. All the preparations were done to make the film but due to the anger of Bablu Pachisia, the film was stopped. According to reports, the film 'Rugged' has been stopped due to producer Bablu Pachisia. It is claimed that Bablu Pachisia is a vegetarian and he is very strict about non-veg and does not even tolerate jokes related to it. No one was allowed to bring non-veg in his office too, but one day it was done by director Milan Luthria, after which Bablu Pachisia got very angry.


According to the report, one day Milan Luthria had reached the office of Bablu Pachisia for the pre-production work of the film. During this, he ordered non-vegetarian food in the office itself and started eating there. When Bablu Pachisia saw this thing, he got very angry. During this, Bablu Pachisia got angry on Milan Luthria in front of his entire team, due to which their relationship got spoiled. Due to this minor problem, the film 'Rugged' got canned. Although both of them never said anything in front of the media about this story.