Fashion: Urfi Javed wore such a blouse, fans were shocked to see


Actress Urfi Javed remains in the limelight on social media due to her unusual style. She keeps sharing her photos and videos on social media. Fans also wait a lot for them. 

Once again Urfi Javed has wreaked havoc on the fans with his new look. This time she wore a sari to surprise the people. With this sari, actress Urfi Javed is wearing such a blouse, which fans are shocked to see. 

Urfi Javed has shared the video in his sari look. She is wearing a sky-colored strapless blouse with a floral yellow saree. This video of her is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In just two hours, more than twenty thousand likes have come on this video. Urfi Javed also has to be trolled due to her bold look.