Exclusive: The 'big racket' stands on the foundation of our ignorance-hesitation regarding masturbation, which is not only a problem but it is also being treated.


Peek out of the car's mirror while on the road, one thing you'll see most common are roadside walls advertising ads for 'dreams' and 'childhood mistakes' cures. This is where the story begins. These advertisements related to masturbation, dreaming, premature ejaculation and sexual organs naturally attract us, reason- many questions related to this are in our mind since childhood, but social circles have bound us in such a way that even after wanting on these topics We can't discuss. Unfortunately, this hesitation and limited range of thinking has created a 'racket' of quacks and 'sex medicine market' who take tremendous advantage of our ignorance. The racket will be called because in this, self-declared doctors and Hakeem are treating only those things which medical science does not consider to be a disease or problem in reality. In this article, we will try to draw your attention to a very serious topic related to this, which is masturbation. People who have a little more urban cover, they must have been hearing this complicated Hindi word as 'Masterbation'. The word 'know and understand' is not used with listening because we may, or may not, actually know about it. According to a common belief, masturbation is a sin, gives rise to physical infirmity, can deprive you of the pleasure of becoming a parent in the future, hair fall, cheeks become puffy, back pain can occur and don't know what. What unrestrained things have been planted in our minds. But does science actually accept these myths as true? Is masturbation really that bad for us? And if so, why are we all doing this? Do you don't or haven't done? Wait, ask this question to yourself - listen to the answer that comes from your mind, smile a little, then in the next step let's understand about it in detail.


Feelings of guilt about masturbation
Since talking about sex and other related activities is considered 'wrong' in our society, which naturally causes many types of misinformation in our inquisitive mind. Regarding masturbation too, people often have similar misconceptions and feelings of guilt-sin. In one such case, the youth got so much guilt about it that he started sleeping at night with his hands tied so that he could control himself. He began to feel that if he kept on masturbating, it would anger God, making life difficult for him from a social point of view. Tantric and herbal babas took advantage of this fear a lot. In the end, during the medical examination, this guilt feeling in him was diagnosed with 'chronic stress disorder'. Such a feeling usually comes in everyone's mind at some point, maybe even in your mind? Psychiatrists say why is there a need to control oneself, experience feelings of guilt, sin, or guilt about masturbation? Masturbation is not unnatural. It is a simple desire arising in the brain, which has been presented as an unusual action over the years taking advantage of our ignorance.

Masturbation is wrong - How much is right?
This question remains in the mind of every age group going through puberty, but it has never been talked about openly, nor do people get accurate information. To understand about masturbation, we spoke to Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychosexual Expert Dr. Satyakant Trivedi. Dr Satyakant says that talking about sex and sexual desire is considered a social taboo, changing the way people look towards those who do. But the need is that these subjects should be discussed seriously. Masturbation is a completely normal human activity, it does not cause any kind of physical or mental harm, as long as it is under your control. When you are under the control of masturbation then this situation is considered problematic. So there is no question of right or wrong of masturbation. Research shows that 90-95 percent of men and 70-75 percent of women masturbate.


What are the disadvantages of masturbation?
This question is the most important, usually in every young mind many questions revolve around it. Dr Satyakant explains, masturbation is a completely healthy act, it is a means of fulfillment of our sex desires. The illiteracy and wrong information prevailing in the society regarding this has created questions like harm from it. Masturbation is completely normal, there is no harm in it and it does not annoy God. Yes, keeping wrong information in mind about masturbation, feeling as if you have committed a sin after masturbating, these feelings are definitely harmful for you. If it remains in the mind for a long time, then it can definitely lead to problems like anxiety-stress, depression, etc. Both men and women masturbate, and it's healthy for both.