Entertainment: Sapna Awasthi's daughter is ready to bring a music video with her mother, know here...


Sapna Awasthi's daughter Kenisha is also making her singing debut and is all set to launch a music album with her mother soon. Kenisha Awasthi is also serious about singing, it is not felt by seeing her at first because she looks more like a heroine of a film than a singer. In the digital world, her fans are also seen as crazy about her style and her popularity is such that Kenisha has also launched a separate app for personal meetings and talks with her fans.


Talking about this, Kenisha says, “These apps prove to be very effective for connecting famous artists directly with their fans. Like I can not only talk to my fans directly on my app, but if any fan wants to meet me or learn singing tricks from me, then they can also contact me for that. Since there is a fixed fee to be paid even before starting conversations on such apps, this, time is not wasted on the affair of extravagant people.

Kenisha also intends to make NFT of her songs in the future and also to give opportunities to new and budding singers through this. She says, “Nowadays big movie stars are taking the help of influencers to reach more and more people through sharing on social media. This is because every fan on social media is in direct contact with the star of their choice.


The trend of the personal app is spreading rapidly in the Mumbai film city these days. Models like Gehna Vashisht are still earning lakhs of rupees by video chatting from their apps. But, now other stars are also using the technology of these personal apps to connect directly with their fans. According to Kenisha, her app can also give her fans a chance to have coffee with her.