Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: Arjun-John's film rocked the box office, the suspense set from beginning to end


Ek Villain Returns Review: In films and crime shows, such a person is called a serial killer, a serial killer. But I call it something else... Ek Villain." This dialogue by JD Chakraborty brings out the whole plot of Ek Villain Returns. Yes, Ek Villain Returns shows the hunt for one such serial killer, who has brutally murdered more than 15 girls. The most awaited film 'Ek Villain Returns' has been released in theatres. It is a sequel to the film 'Ek Villain' released in 2014. And it is directed by Mohit Suri like the previous part. The similarity in both the stories is that there was a search for a serial killer and it is the same here too.


What is the story of the film after all?
The story starts with a party, in which suddenly a killer comes and starts killing people. Then news comes that singer RV (Tara Sutaria) has been brutally murdered. Meanwhile, the rich father gets the entry of his spoiled son Gautam (Arjun Kapoor), who is in love with RV and his motive is to find the murderer after his murder. The police suspect Gautam himself of killing RV. But Inspector Raji (JD Chakraborty) guesses that this work is not Gautam's. Meanwhile, the story gets a twist with the entry of Bhairav ​​(John Abraham). Bhairav ​​is in love with Rasika (Disha Patni) and is ready to go to any extent for her. From Bhairav's point of view, he is the hero of Gautam's story and from Gautam's point of view, he is the villain of Bhairav's story. But who is the real villain of the film? You have to watch the movie to know this.

How is the acting of the stars of the film
If anyone has done the best acting in the film, then it is J.D. Chakraborty. He has breathed life into the character of Inspector Raji. Arjun Kapoor has given the best performance of his career so far. Tara Sutaria looks stunning as ever. John Abraham has appeared in this film as well as appeared in his previous films. Disha Patani has done a great job. His dialogue delivery and laughing style make many viewers think that he is not the real villain of this film. The film also stars Shaad Randhawa and has played his part well.

How is the film at the level of direction?
Mohit Suri has once again shown that no one can make a better suspense thriller film than him. Leaving a few scenes involving John Abraham, the film forces you to stick to the seat from start to finish. In this film of stubbornness and passion, suspense remains intact from the first scene to the climax. Many times in the middle of the film people can speculate that this is the real villain, he is the real villain. But in the end, all the speculations are abandoned. Cars are also seen flying in Rohit Shetty style in one scene. Special thanks have also been given to Rohit Shetty at the beginning of the film. There are also many wonderful locations to see. However, the film's repeated flashbacks are somewhat irritating.

What about Music? 
The film is lackluster on the music level. While the songs of the first part were quite a hit, the songs in this part are not as captivating. One song 'Galiyan' was taken from the first part and another song 'Dil' people have already heard before its release. There is nothing special in any of the other songs. Yes, the background score of the film is superb, which gives the feeling of a suspense thriller film.


Should watch it or not?
If you are waiting for a good suspense thriller movie for a long time, then you can watch this movie. The film can also be seen for the stellar performances of Arjun Kapoor, Tara Sutaria, and Disha Patani and the action of John Abraham. However, if you try to put your mind, you will get confused.