Dhokebaaz Song Out: Vivek Oberoi's new song 'Dhokhabaaz' released, has amazing chemistry with Tridha Choudhary


Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi and Tridha Choudhary's song 'Dhokhebaaz' has been released. Tridha has increased the eagerness of the fans by showing her glimpse in Dhokhabaaz. Dhokhbaaz is written and composed by Jani, while the song is sung by Afsana. Vivek and Tridha are looking very attractive in this video. Both Vivek and Tridha have worked together for the first time. The song depicts the story of love and deceit - a treacherous relationship that has serious ramifications.

The music and impressive lyrics of Dhokhabaaz won't make you miss this song. Speaking about his recently released song Vivek Anand Oberoi said, “Dhokhbaaz is a song whose story is written by Jaani and sung in the beautiful voice of Afsana. As I complete my 20th year in Bollywood, I wanted to do something different for my audience and this music video has been a special experience for me. This is my first project with Tridha and I had a great time shooting with her and team VYRL. I hope everyone will like this song. Excited about the release of Dhokhbaaz, Tridha Choudhary said, “I am super excited for Dhokhbaaz and I have already fallen in love with the song and can't stop humping it. He Kaha Jaani has created a splendid composition and Afsana's melodious voice takes it up a notch. Praising Vivek Oberoi, he said, Vivek is an outstanding actor, I am very happy to work with him. Hope fans will like our performance in this video."


Talking about bringing this together with VYRL Originals, Jani said, “I am thrilled to have Vivek, Afsana and Tridha on this project. I can’t wait for the audience response,” he said. Said- It was a wonderful experience working with VYRL Originals. Afsana Khan, who lends her voice in Dhokhabaaz, says, “Working with Jaani is always a fun experience. The meaning of the song is beautifully depicted in this music video. Vivek and Tridha have given amazing performances in it. She added- I think the audience will like this song.