Demand to make Mia Khalifa Education Advisor in Egypt, read the whole matter!


Adult star Mia Khalifa is always in discussion about her photos and looks. Now once again Mia has attracted the attention of the media. One might be surprised to hear that Mia Khalifa has been called to Egypt to be an education advisor. The Facebook page of the Egyptian Directorate of Education has been hacked by hackers. Apart from posting the photo of Mia Khalifa on this page, there is also a demand to make her an education consultant.


According to media reports, the matter is of the month of August. According to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masri Al-Youm, the Facebook page of the Directorate of Education of the province of Bahrain was hacked. A demand was made to Education Minister Dr. Reddy Hegazi to make Dr. Mia Khalifa an Education Advisor by putting Mia Khalifa's photo on this page. However, after this news came that the Bahrain Education Department had hacked the Facebook page. He has also said that he has filed a complaint.


Hackers have also added a doctor in front of Mia Khalifa's name. According to IMDB, Mia Khalifa holds a degree in history from the University of Texas. But there is no information about his further education. Mia Khalifa is in constant discussion on social media. Instagram Mia has 27 million followers. Mia has once again come into the limelight regarding this matter.