Chhavi Mittal: Image came out on walk after breast cancer surgery, said- 'I want to feel normal'


Television actress Chhavi Mittal recently underwent breast cancer surgery and is back home from the hospital. Since being diagnosed with cancer, Chhavi has been giving fans every update of her health through social media. Chhavi never let her courage down while fighting the battle with cancer. She was neither disappointed nor let anyone feel when she was diagnosed with cancer. She is giving every update by sharing her photo on Instagram every day. Recently, Chhavi has shared another post after being discharged from the hospital, in which everyone is being impressed by seeing her courage.

Chhavi shared a photo with her friend on Instagram and wrote that as per doctor's order, I went to the hospital salon to wash my hair. She had said that doing it yourself would be safe. I agreed to this too. But I won't deny that I was nervous as to whether I would be able to walk that much... I was definitely looking forward to everything that would make me feel normal! Chhavi further wrote that last evening I came back home and went for a late evening walk with my bestie, because I wanted to feel normal. But before that I want to say that cancer is not something that anyone should be happy to have. But if someone gets it, it should not be a reason to be sad, scared or not living one's life well. In fact it is an even greater reason to live your life to the fullest!


I have just had surgery, it will take about a month for me to fully recover. Then treatment will start, then cancer drugs and along with it lifestyle changes will also come. am i sad No. Am I ready for this challenge? Yes, we will see what is there and do something good. I will take small steps, like getting my nails done this week.