Birthday Special: Kajal Raghavani, who is seen in desi style in Bhojpuri films, is quite glamorous in real life


Bhojpuri film star actress Kajal Raghavani is celebrating her birthday today. He was born on this day i.e. July 20, 1990, in Gujarat. Despite being born in Gujarat, Kajal Raghavani has made a special identity in the Bhojpuri industry on the strength of her superb acting. 


This actress, who is seen in desi style in Bhojpuri films on screen, is quite glamorous in real life. There are many such photos of Kajal Raghavani on Instagram in which she is seen competing with big Bollywood actresses.

According to reports, Kajal Raghavani charges Rs 20 to 25 lakhs for one of her films. She is counted among the most beautiful actresses in Bhojpuri films.


She has also remained in the headlines due to her photos on social media. For this reason, he has a tremendous fan following on Instagram. About 3 million fans follow this actress.