Bigg Boss 16: Do you know Gori Nagori's real name is Taslima Bano? Netizens saw a different avatar of her in the live feed!


There are many different characters in Bigg Boss whose personalities are also different. While some are always ready to share their opinions (like Priyanka and Archana Gautam), some keep things to themselves (like Ankit and Sumbul), some of them are hot-headed (like Shalin), some are like The one everyone likes (Abdu for example). And then there are some like Gori Nagori who are real and show their true form without any filters. While Gori Nagori is also known as 'Shakira of Haryana', she is someone who is always appreciated for her extraordinary dance.

But do you know that Gori Nagori who actually hails from Rajasthan is a Muslim? While her birth name is Taslima Bano, and now her name is Gori Malik. In the live feed of Bigg Boss, when Gori Nagori was in hijab and users were a bit surprised by this.

Who is Gori Nagori?

Gori Nagori is an Indian dancer who rose to fame in 2019 after featuring in a Rajasthani music video titled "Le Photo Le". The music video has garnered over 567 million views on Youtube.

Life Struggle of Gori Nagori

In one of her interviews, she expressed how her own family and mother are always against her dance. She continued, "My family, my mother, was totally against it. But gradually she understood how much I love dancing because I had left my studies in the middle. She would send me to school and I was not. Caste. I feel bad now because I can't speak English. I still remember that I used to get calls from people that I am Muslim and I should not become a dancer and have taken up this profession. They will tell me that I should and Shouldn't do that."