Bhojpuri: This new heroine of Bhojpuri films became the reason for the tension in Pawan Singh's family, understand what is the whole matter


Bhojpuri film hero Pawan Singh is in the news these days for his divorce from his second wife Jyoti Singh. Pawan Singh has applied for divorce in the court of Arrah. At the same time, Pawan Singh's wife Jyoti has accused Pawan Singh of harassment and assault. But, the reason for this whole quarrel is now coming to the fore. In the Bhojpuri film industry these days, the heroine whose name Pawan Singh is recommending in every new film, says that due to that there is a ruckus in Pawan Singh's house.


These days, most of Pawan Singh's films are being made with a new heroine, Smriti Sinha. Smriti Sinha is often seen with Pawan Singh even after shooting films. It is a common practice in Bhojpuri cinema that if a Bhojpuri hero likes a new heroine, then he puts pressure on the producers to take her in all his films. Pawan Singh is now doing something similar with Smriti Sinha. Whatever producers these days plan to make a film with Pawan Singh, they have to take Smriti Sinha in a package deal.

Close friends of Pawan Singh tell that his wife Jyoti Singh is very upset due to this friendship of Pawan Singh and Smriti Sinha. Pawan Singh's first wife Neelam was also very upset before her sudden demise. In those days, the friendship of Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh had become very close. Then Pawan Singh used to insist on taking Akshara Singh in all his films. However, after a few months of marriage, Neelam committed suicide by hanging. Then again there were discussions that Pawan Singh can now marry Akshara Singh, but Pawan married Jyoti Singh for the second time. Then Akshara Singh had also made very serious allegations against Pawan Singh.


Before the recent friendship of Akshara Singh and Smriti Sinha, Pawan Singh's discussions have also been about close friendship with Rani Chatterjee and Monalisa. Rani Chatterjee herself has disclosed that she was in a relationship with a Bhojpuri star for two months but got separated from him due to bad habits and assault of that star. Now it is said that Pawan Singh's friendship with Smriti Sinha has once again become the cause of problems in his house.