Ayesha Jhulka's Birthday: On this occasion know the heartbreak love story of Ayesha Julka...


Ayesha Julka, who has done about five dozen films in her 28-year film career, left Mumbai and settled in Goa. The story of Ayesha Jhulka is very sad. There is action in this love story, there is emotion, there is a lot of drama and there is such a heartbreak that even after reading this story you can get emotional, so let's tell you,


Akshay's first love story
Ayesha Julka worked with many stars like Salman Khan and Aamir Khan in the successful phase of her career. But her heart is stuck with Akshay Kumar. She also has the title of Akshay's first girlfriend in Mayanagari. 'Khiladi' with Akshay was the biggest hit of her career and Akshay Kumar also became a Bollywood player from this film. Ayesha Julka worked with Akshay Kumar in many films like 'Waqt Hamara Hai', 'Dil Ki Baazi', 'Jai Kishan' after 'Khiladi'. People of those days tell that then Ayesha Julka had become very positive about Akshay Kumar and perhaps Akshay did not like the same thing.

Used to cry for hours in the dubbing studio
All the tales of films are often with the technicians who work with these stars but remain anonymous. In those days, the dubbing of most of the films was done in BR Studios and watchers tell that Ayesha Julka also used to come there for dubbing of her films. Most of her films were with Akshay Kumar, so dubbing would also be in those films. In those days, the behavior of Akshay Kumar had changed a lot regarding Ayesha Julka. During dubbing, when Ayesha Julka saw her scenes with Akshay Kumar on screen, she would get very emotional and leave the dubbing and cry bitterly in the studio for hours.


Akshay Kumar got away like this
Akshay Kumar's Casanova image has been around for a long time in Hindi cinema. Ayesha Julka did not like the actions of Akshay Kumar at all. She tried a lot on her behalf to have a relationship with Akshay Kumar but it did not work out. Later, Ayesha Julka also had a long friendship with Nana Patekar. Both were often seen together and the stories of being together for a long time were also heard a lot.