Anil Kapoor's Fitness: Anil Kapoor is beating young actors at the age of 65, know what is the secret of actor's fitness


Anil Kapoor, about whom it is always said that he looks much younger than his age. Anil Kapoor sweats for hours to keep himself fit and also pays a lot of attention to his diet. If you also want to keep yourself fit, then the actor can inspire you. So let's tell you Anil Kapoor's fitness mantra and diet plan ...

Here is the workout plan
Anil Kapoor often shares his workout videos and photos on social media. To keep himself fit, it is most important to get enough sleep and Anil Kapoor takes seven hours of sleep. After this, he plays darts first thing in the morning, which gives him focus. Apart from this, he works according to the plan made by his trainer. At the same time, Anil does gym for 1 to 1.5 hours every day. This includes cardio and weight training. Apart from this, he also does cycling and high-intensity interval training.
Diet more important than the workout
Anil Kapoor believes that diet is more important than a workout to stay fit. If you pay attention to your diet, then you will be able to achieve your goal easily. With the right diet, more than half of your work is done. At the same time, you can increase your strength and stamina with workouts.

Follow this diet
If reports are to be believed, Anil Kapoor eats something every two hours and starts his day by drinking water on an empty stomach. After that, he eats a banana. For breakfast, he takes egg and black coffee with a brown bread sandwich. For lunch, he likes to eat lentils, vegetables, brown rice, and roti. He also takes apple juice in between. Anil likes to eat salad for dinner.