Amjad Khan's Death Anniversary: Know some special things related to Amjad Khan here...


The greatest success of an artist is to be known by the name of his character. Even today people know him by the name of his character 'Gabbar Singh' from the film 'Sholay'. In this film, he presented a different creepy form of dacoit. Actor Amjad Khan may not be in this world today, but his acting and stories are still alive today. Today is the death anniversary of the actor.


Did not quit acting
 Amjad Khan was badly injured in a car accident. At that time he was going in connection with the shooting of the film. Amjad Khan gained a lot of weight due to the medicines given to him by the doctors as a treatment after the road accident. The weight increased so much that even walking became difficult. However, Amjad Khan considered himself the reason for his obesity. In fact, during a conversation, he had revealed that if the film Sholay becomes a superhit, then he would stop working in films. Then it became a super hit. However, Amjad Khan did not keep this promise and continued working in films. The actor had said during the conversation that the above has given him this punishment in the form of obesity.

Belonged to a film family
Let us tell you that Amjad Khan was born on 27 July 1940 in Mumbai. His education was also done in Mumbai itself. Amjad Khan's father Jayant Khan was also an actor by profession. Amjad Khan's younger brother Imtiaz Khan also acted. Amjad Khan considered his father as his guru in the acting profession. During his life, he gave credit for his success to his father.


Buffalo was tied on the set
Amjad Khan was very fond of tea. He used to drink several cups of tea one after the other. He used to drink a lot of tea even on the sets of the film. It is said that he used to drink at least 80 cups of tea a day. Because of this, his canteen staff could not fulfill his demand for tea. Because of this, he had to travel a long distance. Amjad Khan had tied a buffalo on the set itself, to avoid the shortage of milk to overcome his tea craving.