AR Rahman: AR Rahman's daughter had a wonderful wedding reception, the result was seen in the screen, people said - 'Masha Allah what upbringing is'


AR Rahman, the famous music composer of Hindi cinema, is one of those personalities who are rarely seen in the media and limelight. He also mostly uses social media to share information related to his work, but recently his daughter Khatija has got married, about which he is giving updates through social media. Recently, he shared the picture of daughter Khatija's wedding and he has also shared the video of the wedding reception. After watching this video, users are seen tying bridges of praise


In the video of the wedding reception shared by AR Rahman on his Instagram account, daughter Khatija and son-in-law Riyasdin Sheikh are seen meeting the guests on stage in a traditional look, while Khatija appeared on screen as usual. Apart from congratulating the new couple by commenting, people are also praising them fiercely. AR Rahman has left no stone unturned to make his daughter's wedding grand from Nikah to Reception. The wedding venue has been decorated with great decorations and lighting, but they have done everything with utmost simplicity. It can be seen in the video that there is no fanfare of any kind in the ceremony. The music has also been kept classical. Everyone is getting convinced of his and Khatija's simplicity.


Users are commenting fiercely after watching the video of Khatija's wedding reception shared by AR Rahman. After watching the video, a user wrote, "Masha Allah what upbringing is called simplicity, no pretense...may Allah give you all the happiness." Similarly, another user praising Khatija wrote, "Congratulations ma'am, I am very happy for you, I am proud of our culture." Masha Allah to both.