Which is better PM Surya Ghar Yojana and Delhi's Solar Policy? Which scheme has more subsidy, know here!


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The debate on free electricity has intensified before the elections, with the Central Government offering up to 300 units of free electricity under the PM Solar Home Scheme. In response to this, the Delhi government has announced its solar policy and claimed that after the implementation of this policy, no one in Delhi will get an electricity bill. While applications have been invited for the central government's scheme, the Delhi government says that the LG has put their scheme on hold. Today we will give you information about the subsidy available in both these schemes.

Free electricity up to 300 units:

First of all, let's discuss the PM Solar Home Scheme launched by the Central Government, which aims to install rooftop solar panels on one crore homes. It has been said that these one crore families will get up to 300 units of free electricity. A good subsidy is also given by the government for the installation of solar panels.

Subsidy under the Central Government Scheme:

Under the PM Solar Home Scheme, if you install a solar panel of one to two kilowatts, you can get a subsidy of Rs 30,000 to 60,000. Also, the subsidy for two to three-kilowatt solar panels ranges from Rs 60,000 to Rs 78,000. A subsidy of Rs 78,000 is available for installing solar panels of more than three kilowatts. It is noteworthy that the price of one-kilowatt solar panel is around Rs 80.

Subsidies and Incentives in Delhi:

Going ahead with Delhi's Solar Energy Policy 2024, the Delhi government is offering a subsidy of Rs 10,000. Additionally, the government is talking about providing generation-based incentives for up to five years. It is claimed that the entire cost of solar panels will be recovered within four years. For solar panels up to three kilowatts, incentives will be provided at the rate of Rs 3 per unit, that is, if you produce 100 units of electricity, you will get Rs 300.