WhatsApp Business: New gift for business people, this new feature will increase profits!


A new feature is coming for those doing business on WhatsApp. Through this feature, WhatsApp can expand the business of its users and also increase their profits.

WhatsApp Contact Notes Feature:  WhatsApp is preparing to give a new gift to the users doing business through its app. If you also expand or run your business through WhatsApp, then let us tell you about this upcoming feature. The name of this feature of WhatsApp is the Contact Notes feature, which users will get in the web version. Let us tell you about this feature.

Very useful feature coming in WhatsApp

According to the latest report by WabetaInfo, a platform that provides information about all the new features coming about WhatsApp, WhatsApp is working on a new feature. The name of this feature is Contact Notes. This will be made available for the web client of WhatsApp. These features primarily allow business accounts to save key information from customer contacts and interactions with them. 

Let us tell you that the work of bringing this feature to WhatsApp Beta for Android is still being done, but the company is actively working to include this feature in the web version of WhatsApp also.

A screenshot has been shared in this post made by WabetaInfo on X (old name Twitter). By looking at this picture you can understand how this new feature in WhatsApp will work. Through this feature, users who want to grow and run their business through WhatsApp will be able to write down some important details and conversations of any specific customer in the new section Notes in their chat profile. With this, users will remember what deal that particular customer had done with them and with this, they can increase their business in future.

Business people will benefit

Through this feature, WhatsApp Business users can save some special details of their specific customers like previous meetings and conversations, unique preferences of customers, specific details for payments etc.

WhatsApp believes that through this feature, business users of WhatsApp will get a new direction to expand their business. Through this feature, users will not need to use any other tools or create a new Excel sheet etc. to save customer details. They can save everything in WhatsApp only. Through this feature, the businessman will remember what the preferences of a particular customer are and in future, he can present offers of his choice through WhatsApp. 

The special thing about this feature is that if you save these special details of any of your customers in contact notes, then only you will be able to see them. This will not be visible to any other users. Now it remains to be seen when WhatsApp launches this new feature.