UPI Lite on Paytm: With the new feature of UPI, you will be able to make payments without a PIN number, linking to Paytm is very easy!


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To promote digital payments, the Central Government is supporting a Unified Payment Interface i.e. UPI Payment. So now everyone is paying through UPI instead of carrying cash. Even those selling tea to coconut water are now accepting UPI payments. Now UPI has launched the UPI Lite feature. With this service, making UPI payments has now become even easier.

Through the UPI Lite service, you will be able to transact up to Rs 500 without the UPI PIN number. Now this limit has been increased to Rs 2000 instead of Rs 500. This feature will keep your small payments safe. UPI Lite feature is now available on PayTm. You will be able to easily activate this facility on the Paytm mobile app.


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How to activate UPI Lite

First of all, you have to open the Paytm app on your mobile.

After this, you have to select the UPI Lite option.

– Now the bank account will have to be linked to UPI Lite.

– After this, you will have to enter the desired amount in it.

– Now you have to enter your UPI PIN.

- Your UPI Lite is now started.

- Now you can make UPI payment just by tapping


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How much amount can be included

Last month, the Reserve Bank Governor announced that the government was taking steps to bring digital payments to every corner of the country. To reach out to all, the UPI Lite limit has now been increased to Rs 2000. This decision will help in taking UPI to rural areas of the country. You can add up to Rs 4000 in a day. UPI Lite feature is available on Paytm as well as many apps like Phone Pay, and Google Pay.