To withdraw money from a PF account, it is necessary to link the bank account, know this easy method!


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If you are employed and your salary is deposited into your account every month, then you likely have a Provident Fund (PF) account. About 7 crore employed people in India have PF accounts, which works as an investment for the future.

If needed, you can withdraw money from your PF account. For this, all the details of your PF account need to be in order, including linking your bank account to the PF account.

If your bank account is not linked to your PF account, or your linked bank account is closed, you may face difficulties in withdrawing money. So let's learn how to link your bank account to your PF account.


PC: abplive

To link your bank account to your PF account, you first need to visit the EPFO ​​website

Then, enter your UAN number and password. Along with this, you will also have to fill in the captcha code given on the screen. After this, your account will be logged in.

After logging in, you will see many options on the screen. Go to the “Manage” option, and then select the “KYC” option. After clicking on the bank option, you will have to enter all the information of your bank there.

After entering all the information, double-check to avoid any mistakes. Then, click "Submit". After this, the request for bank linking is approved by the HR department of your company. Once approved, your bank account will be linked to your PF account.