This old one rupee coin was auctioned for 10 crore rupees!


Rare coins and notes are being auctioned for a huge amount in recent times. The one-rupee coin mentioned above was auctioned a few months back for Rs 10 crore. Yes, you heard it right. The one-rupee coin actually sold for crores, although you should note that this is no ordinary coin.

This is a special coin of British rule in India. The coin was made in the year 1885. If you have a 1 rupee coin whose printed year is 1885, then you can put it up for online auction.

  • Quickr or Olx. Like how to sell old notes and coins on the platform?
  • Take a clear picture of the coin or note you want to sell.
  • Upload to eBay or OLX.
  • The company will present your advertisement.
  • Interested people, who want to buy old notes and coins, will contact you once the advertisement is released.
  • You can negotiate and settle your deal.