Small Business Ideas: Earn ₹1500 from ₹5 per minute, start from home, demand is increasing daily


If you also want to start a business, then today we will talk about such a small-scale business in which you can start earning ₹ 5 per minute from home. And its special thing is that as the world is shifting online, its demand is continuously increasing.

As you know people are now shifting to online shopping. Today people are buying new fashion clothes on Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Meesho, and many such websites. Daily clothing business worth crores is done on these websites. There would not be any city in India where people do not buy clothes from e-commerce websites. When people buy clothes online, they get many design and color options and the price is also much lower than the local market. However, there is a problem that these online purchased clothes often do not have a perfect fitting.

People have to face the problem of not getting a perfect fitting in readymade garments. We always need an offline service to improve the fitting of clothes. Alteration Specialist is a service which is the name of this work. Till a few years ago, this service did not exist at all, because after buying clothes, people used to get them stitched by their favorite tailor. He rarely bought readymade clothes. Alteration work was done only on old clothes. And no expert was required for this.

But now due to online shopping, the demand for readymade clothes is very high, so people in many cities, villages, and colonies of India are feeling the need for alteration specialists. Many people have made Alteration their main business. Alteration of new clothes is a special task. For this, an alteration fee is charged according to the value of the fabric, but the lowest fee is ₹ 5 per minute. That means you can easily get ₹40 for 10 minutes of work.

The demand for Alteration Specialist is increasing very rapidly across India. Good artisans are also doing alteration work. The work of alteration is better than the embroidery of clothes. In this, money is also available immediately. If you work even for 5 hours a day then it becomes ₹ 1500. There is no borrowing involved, which is a very good thing.