SBI: SBI employees can come to your house with a box of chocolates, you will be surprised to know the reason


Who doesn't like to eat chocolate? But a bigger twist comes when the same box of chocolates is brought to your home by the banker. Yes, if you have also taken a loan from SBI and have not repaid it on time or you are delaying in paying the EMI, then bank employees will now reach your home with chocolates.

Actually, SBI has come up with a unique way to remind its retail loan borrowers to pay the installments. Bank officials will now take a box of chocolates to the homes of those customers who are more likely to default on EMI or do not want to pay at all. Stop responding to reminder calls from the bank. Now bank officials will go directly to the homes of such people.

According to media reports, SBI hopes that this step will impact bank customers and people will be motivated to pay loan EMIs on time. If reports are to be believed, growth has been seen in SBI's retail loans like personal, home and car loans.