RBI on 2000 Rupee Note: 2000 thousand notes out of circulation, RBI-issued orders, will be able to change till this date


Once again people will get to see demonetisation in the country. However, this time the Prime Minister has not announced this by coming on TV. This time RBI has directly said that Rs 2000 notes are being taken out of circulation in the country. If you also have it, you can deposit it in the bank by 30 September. Can get it changed. 

According to the information, the Reserve Bank of India has advised people to change this note by 30 September. You will be able to deposit 20 2000 notes at a time in the bank and you will be given smaller notes instead. All banks will have the facility to exchange 2000 rupee notes.

At the same time, RBI has also ordered all the banks that from now on no one will issue Rs 2,000 notes. It has been told from the central bank that it is removing the Rs 2,000 note from circulation and people can change this note till 30 September. 

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