PNB & SBI: Neither an Aadhaar card nor any official verified document will have to be given, pink notes can be easily changed in this bank


2000 rupee notes have started to be changed across the country from today. According to the instructions of RBI, 2000 rupee notes are to be changed across the country between May 23 and September 30, as they are to be taken out of circulation. However, their legal tender status remains intact. Is. While a person can exchange notes worth a maximum of Rs 20,000 from the bank in a day, while any number of notes can be deposited in his bank account, there is no information about any chaos so far.

Finance Ministry and RBI are monitoring the situation. There is no demonetization-like situation. There is no panic. People are coming and exchanging their notes as usual. There is no long queue and no rush. PNB Officials Have informed that people can get 2000 rupee notes exchanged by visiting any of its branches. For this, they will not need to fill out any form.

Meanwhile, it has been made clear by the Punjab National Bank that in order to exchange these notes, the common people will neither have to provide Aadhaar card information nor will they have to provide any official verified document. This means that any person can easily get 10 notes of 2000 rupees exchanged in the branch of the bank. Earlier, an old form in the name of the bank was being circulated online to change 2000 rupees notes. In view of this, the bank has issued a clarification.


Earlier on Saturday, the country's largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) had also made it clear that people would neither have to provide any ID proof nor would they have to submit any kind of document to exchange Rs 2000 notes.

Meanwhile, in view of the scorching heat, the Finance Ministry has instructed all the banks to make arrangements for drinking water and to stand in the shade for the people coming to exchange 2000 rupee notes.