Petrol-Diesel: Petrol pumps will remain closed for two days, get the tank filled.


Big news has come for the people of Rajasthan regarding petrol and diesel. The news is that people of the state will not be able to fill petrol and diesel in their vehicles on 13 and 14 September. A major decision in this regard has been taken by Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association. For this reason, the people of the state should fill diesel and petrol in their vehicles on September 12 only.

Petrol pumps will remain closed for two days from 10 am to 6 pm. According to reports, Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association has decided to keep petrol pumps closed for two days demanding reduction in VAT on petrol and diesel. Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association has warned the government to go on indefinite strike if VAT is not reduced even after this step.

According to reports, Petroleum Dealers Association has informed that more VAT has been imposed on petrol and diesel in Rajasthan as compared to Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Gujarat. For this reason, petrol is being sold at Rs 13 and diesel at Rs 10 in the state. Due to this, the sales of both the fuels have reduced in the state.