Petrol-Diesel: If this happens then petrol may become cheaper by up to ten rupees in Rajasthan.


After two days of protests in Rajasthan, petrol pump operators have gone on an indefinite strike. Due to this, petrol pumps have been closed in the state from today. This step has been taken after talks between petrol pump operators and the government failed. The government is not ready to bow before the petrol pump operator.

It is noteworthy that the price of petrol and diesel is much higher in the state as compared to Punjab. If we compare Jailsamer and Jalandhar, there is a difference of Rs 13.62 per liter in the price of petrol, while there is a difference of Rs 8.24 per liter in the price of diesel. In Jaisalmer, the price of petrol is Rs 111.50 and the price of diesel is Rs 96.46 per litre.

Whereas in Jalandhar, petrol is being sold at Rs 97.88 and diesel at Rs 88.22 per litre. If the demand of Petroleum Dealers Association is accepted by the Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan, then petrol can become cheaper by about Rs 10 per liter in the state.