Pension Scheme: To make old age secure, invest in this pension scheme, you will get Rs 27000 every month


National Pension Scheme: This scheme run by the Government of India is a very good scheme for the better future of the citizens of the country.

National Pension Scheme: It is said that it is very important to do proper investment planning for a secure future. Many times people try to raise funds for their old age. But, many times due to lack of correct information, they are not able to invest in the right place. By doing this, the future is also not safe and the risk of sinking money also increases. If you are also worried about your old age, then you can invest in the pension scheme mentioned by us. This scheme is National Pension Scheme. This is a scheme run by the government, so the risk of risk in it is low.

What is National Pension Scheme

  • This scheme run by the Government of India is a very good scheme for the better future of the citizens of the country. It has been named as National Pension Scheme. All employees from the government to the private sector can invest in this scheme (Private Sector Employee). One can invest in this scheme for a long time. After this, you will get a big fund together in your retirement age after the take time (Retirement Fund). Along with this, some pension amounts will also be given to you every month by the government.

These are the special things of the National Pension Scheme

  • You can buy National Pension Scheme with the help of any bank, post office, or insurance company. To buy the National Pension System, you have to buy an annuity of at least 40 percent. The more annuity you buy, the more money you will get later in the form of a pension. This money will be given after you complete 60 years of age.

How much money will you get?

  • If you invest Rs 10,000 per month then you will get this money after 25 years and after reaching 60 years of age. You got a total accumulated capital of Rs. 1,20,000 in one year. After 25 years the total amount was Rs 30 lakh. In this, you will get a return of about 10 percent. Your total corpus on maturity will be Rs 1.33 crore ready. In this, the annuity purchase will be 40%, on which an annuity rate of 6% will also be available. You will get a pension of about Rs 26,758 after 60. Apart from this, you will also get a lump sum amount of about Rs 80.27 lakh. If your deposit amount per month is more then you will get more money.