Old Gold Jewellery: Now it will not be easy to sell old gold jewelry, the government has implemented this rule


Now selling old gold jewelery will not be easy. To avoid this you have to follow some rules. Rules have been issued by the government in this regard. Under these, Bima cannot sell or buy hallmarked jewelry. To avoid them, it is now necessary to get those hallmarks done.

From April 1, 2023, this type of rule was implemented by the government to buy and sell gold jewelry. According to this rule of the government, now no one can buy or sell jewelery without a hallmark or 6-digit HUID number.

This type of step has been taken by the government to stop cases of fraud. According to the Bureau of Indian Standards, if a person has old jewelery without hallmarks, then they will be required to get hallmarking done on it. By doing this, the purity of gold is known.