Mutual Fund Scheme: You will get Rs 1.1 crore at the time of maturity, invest this much every month


In today's time, everyone invests in some scheme to improve their future. Today we are going to make such a plan for you, through which you can deposit a huge amount of Rs 1.1 crore by the time of retirement by saving only Rs 5,000.

Today we are going to tell you about a mutual investment plan. To deposit such a huge amount, you will first have to choose a good mutual fund scheme and make SIP in it. After this, five thousand rupees have to be invested every month. You will have to make this investment for a full 30 years. At the same time, one should also expect to get an estimated return of 10 percent every year during the investment period.

If everything goes well, you will get a fund of Rs 1.1 crore at the time of maturity. This amount will prove to be very useful for you. Money invested in mutual funds is subject to market risks. For this reason, you must take expert advice before investing.

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