mAadhaar App is as important as the Aadhar card! Profiles of up to 5 members can be kept together, in one place

mAadhaar App can also be downloaded on Android and iPhone

In the mAadhaar App, you can link up to 5 Aadhar profiles and if needed, you can make virtual use of your Aadhar in any part of the country.

Currently, the base card (Aadhaar Card) can be used in any part of any evidence of a very important document, the identity, and the address of India. There is no doubt that there is no other document more important and important than Aadhaar. The based card used only to identify and address (Identity & Address Proof) not only evidence but much urgent work and government schemes (Government Schemes) is also used. Keeping in view the importance and need of Aadhaar, UIDAI has also created the mAadhaar App, in which you can link up to 5 Aadhaar profiles and use your Aadhaar virtual if needed.

A total of 5 profiles can be linked in the mAadhaar App

All the countries of the world are becoming digital at full speed. The name of India is also included in these countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had started the Digital India Mission to move forward in this direction, after which now most of the important works of a common man in the country are completed online. Not only this, now we do not need to always keep hard copies of any important documents with us like before.

We can also keep a virtual copy of the necessary documents like Voter ID card, Driving license, and Aadhar with us and it is valid across the country. You can save the virtual copy of the Aadhar card on your mobile phone. But, in the apps where the facility of keeping a virtual copy of Aadhaar is available, you can keep only your Aadhaar in those apps. But in UIDAI's mAadhaar App, you can save the Aadhaar profile of 4 more family members along with you.

mAadhaar App gives complete security to your data

mAadhaar is a mobile app in which you can save your aadhaar profile. A total of five Aadhaar profiles can be linked in this app. Aadhar card saved in the mAadhaar App can be shown in any part of the country if needed. The mAadhaar app is valid across the country.

The most important thing about mAadhaar is that the number of times you need to use this app, you will have to enter the password. This has been done so that all your confidential information entered in the mAadhaar App can be kept safe. With the help of this feature, all your data will be completely safe and no one other than you will be able to access the app without your consent.

mAadhaar App can be downloaded on all Android phones as well as iPhones. However, your iPhone must be running iOS 10.0 or above software.