LPG subsidy: If you are also not getting subsidy on LPG gas cylinder then do this work!


If you are an LPG cylinder customer then we have important news for you! 79.26 The subsidy in the form of subsidy is being deposited directly into the accounts of the customers. So if you also buy an LPG gas cylinder but subsidy does not come in your bank account then we will tell you how you can apply for it.


One of the primary reasons why you are not getting your subsidy is because your LPG ID is not linked to the account number. For this problem, you can contact your nearest distributor or register your complaint by calling toll-free number 18002333555.

Who gets the subsidy?

LPG subsidy is different in different states of the country. The subsidy is not given to those whose annual income is Rs 10 lakh or more. This annual income of Rs 10 lakh is calculated by adding the income of both husband and wife.


How much subsidy do you get?

In these difficult times, the subsidy on domestic gas is very less. Customers are now getting Rs 79.26 as a subsidy in the account. Earlier, a subsidy up to Rs 200 was available, which has now come down to Rs 79.26. However, some customers are also getting LPG subsidies of Rs 158.52 or Rs 237.78.

You can check your status like this

Step 1: Log on to the official website http://mylpg.in/ and enter your LPG ID.

Step 2: Provide the required information based on the OMC LPG you are using.

Step 3: Enter your 17 digit LPG ID and registered mobile number.

Step 4: Enter the captcha code and click on proceed.

Step 5: Now an OTP (One-Time-Password) will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 6: Now, enter your email ID and create a password.

Step 7: Once this is done you will get a link on your email id. Open your email and click on that link.

Step 8: Now log in to www.mylpg.in account and enter your details in the pop-up message.