KCC Scheme Benefits: Farmers can take loans up to Rs 3 lakh on this KCC card at nominal interest, see how!


KCC Scheme Benefits: To ensure farmers of the country access to capital for their farming needs. The government runs the Kisan Credit Card Scheme! Under this scheme, short-term loans are given to farmers so that they can buy the necessary equipment for farming. One advantage of this is that farmers do not have to pay much interest on the loan received under this Kisan Credit Card. They get loans at very low-interest rates.

KCC Scheme Benefits

Through the Kisan Credit Card Scheme, farmers get a loan of up to Rs 3 lakh without any guarantee to complete agricultural work. This is a short-term loan against which you will not have to mortgage any type of property. The objective of the government behind starting this Kisan Credit Card is that farmers do not face a shortage of money for farming. And they can get loans at low-interest rates without any hassle.

KCC Scheme Benefits

Talking about the benefits of this Kisan Credit Card, it can also be used for shopping at any shop. Through this, fertilizers, pesticides etc. can be easily purchased. Apart from this, money can also be withdrawn from ATMs. Any farmer can get a Kisan Credit Card. The conditions are that you must have agricultural land or you do farming on someone else's land. After all, agricultural production is necessary on this land!

How much interest rate will have to be paid on the Kisan Credit Card?

Through the Kisan Credit Card, farmers get guaranteed free loans up to Rs 3 lakh. The government charges a 4 per cent interest rate from farmers on this amount. Let us tell you that this scheme was started by the Reserve Bank of India in collaboration with NABARD. Keep in mind that any person doing farming in India can apply for this scheme. This includes all types of farmers, owners of land, rented land, oral lessees sharecroppers etc. To avail of the benefits of this scheme, your age should be between 18 years to 75 years.


The entire loan process will be digital in Kisan Credit Card.

According to the news, sources said that the progress of the Agricultural Infrastructure Fund Kisan Credit Card was also reviewed in the meeting. Officials of the Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department were also present in the meeting, where a review related to agricultural loans was also done. The progress in digitizing the process of obtaining a Kisan Credit Card to improve transparency was also discussed. Public sector banks were advised to take necessary steps to digitalize the entire process of Kisan Credit Card loans to farmers in a time-bound manner.