If you have this coin of 2 rupees, then you can become a millionaire overnight!


Many people are fond of collecting old coins, notes, and coins. Now you can earn big money in exchange for these coins. These days the demand for these coins has increased a lot. People are ready to pay thousands or lakhs of rupees in return for them. Today we are going to tell you about one such coin of two rupees, in return for which you can earn two lakh rupees.

Actually, this 2 rupee coin is made in the year 1994. The flag of India is flying on the back of this coin. The price of these rare coins has been fixed at Rs 5 lakh on the Quikr website.

Apart from this, an old coin of one rupee can also make you earn lakhs. The special thing is that there is a photo of Queen Victoria on this coin made before independence and the price of this coin is 2 lakh rupees. Similarly, the one rupee British coin of George V King Emperor 1918 has been priced up to Rs 9 lakh.

The buyer must also agree to buy it at the price you put the coin. Actually, there is a lot of demand for these coins, for which lakhs of rupees will be easily available. If you also have such coins and you want to sell them, then first you have to go to the site and register.