If you have this 1 rupee coin then you can earn 2.5 lakhs instead!


If you have 1 rupee coin of 1985 with an H mark on it then you can earn lakhs of rupees. According to reports, in 1985, a Rs 1 coin with an H mark could be sold for Rs 2.5 lakh. One of these coins was auctioned a few years ago at such a high price.

The 1985 Re 1 coin was issued in all Indian coin mints and some foreign mints. It should be noted that this coin design has been in circulation since 1982 and such coins were last minted in 1991. These coins were minted from ferritic stainless steel and weighed 4.85 grams.
On these 1 rupee coins, you can see corn grains on one side and Ashoka Pillar on the other side. You can see Bharat written on it in Hindi and in English. This 1985 Re 1 coin was minted in all four Indian mints and Llantrisant and Heaton mints in the UK.


Notably, 1985 one rupee coins are not rare and 1985 H mark 1 rupee coin is also very common and hence these coins will not help you to earn lakhs of rupees. The 1985 coin that was auctioned for Rs 2.5 lakh was rare as it was not issued for public circulation and was a trial oms coin.

OMS stands for Off Metal Strike and refers to when a coin is minted using a different metal than normal. In this case, the 1985 OMS one rupee coin that sold for Rs 2.5 lakh was minted only in copper. On the other hand, other 1985 coins were made in copper-nickel.

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