Electricity Bill- If you pay your electricity bill online, then be careful, people are being cheated.


In today's digital age, convenience is at our fingertips. From paying electricity bills to performing important tasks, the Internet has made everything easy. However, amid the rapid progress of the digital revolution, there has been an increase in fraudulent activities and cyber crimes. It is very important to be cautious in this digital age because even a moment's carelessness can cause huge losses.

Fraudsters are constantly evolving their strategies to defraud people and a recent scheme has emerged that targets electricity consumers. Fake messages bearing Power Ministry letterhead are being circulated, containing a specific phone number and a warning that consumers must pay their bills immediately, otherwise their power supply will be disconnected.
It is important to recognize that these messages are fraudulent. Multiple mistakes in the letterhead and the announcement confirming its falsehood by PIB Fact Check call for caution. Sharing personal or banking information in response to such messages may leave you vulnerable to fraud.

For your safety, avoid sharing sensitive information with anyone and check messages carefully before taking any action. Stay alert, stay informed and together we can thwart the efforts of cyber fraudsters in this digital age.